FAQ – When do I have to pay?

When you register for a Premium or Teacher subscription, you start with a one-time 30-day subscription trial period during which you may cancel the subscription without costs at any time. During the trial period, you may switch back and forth freely between Premium and Teacher. Without notice, we will debit the annual fee for the subscription you chose last after 30 days. The 12-month term of your subscription only starts once the annual fee has been debited. If you want to upgrade from Premium to Teacher after the debit, the remaining term of your Premium subscription will be credited against the Teacher subscription proportionally to the price difference (3:1). Without notice, your current subscription is automatically extended by a year. No worries, five days prior to the expiry we will remind you per e-mail. You can also try out the subscriptions for schools and companies for free during 30 days. You can learn more on the summary page for schools and companies.

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